Havana at night

Cuba tour

Havana can be exciting, beautiful, trustworthy and vintage in the middle of the day, but there's a new and amazing glim that appears when the sun goes down and the lampposts shine all over the city.

5 hours

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During this excursion, we invite you to discover the Ceremony of the Cannon Ball and enjoy a luxury night ar Parisien Cabaret so we´ll pick you up at the hotel according to schedule to take you on a trip to Morro Cabaña, where you can get the best night shots of the city from the other side of the bay. The dinner will be served at a typical restaurant here in the castle and while the clock reaches 9.00PM you´ll get ready to be part of the ancient ceremony and costume of the cannon shooting, the eldest habanera tradition that used to point to citizen about the closure of the city gates that protected everyone from pirates and corsairs. 

After this amazing historical experience, we´ll departure to Hotel Nacional to grab a seat ar Parisien Cabaret right before the first show starts. Time to go back to the hotel and rest a bit after this amazing night.