Havana countryside: The unknown Western

Cuba tour

Art, socio-cultural projects, life in the field; The Marina Hemingway Yacht Club and maybe the best seafood and fish restaurant in the city, you can find it on the outskirts of the metropolis of Havana.

8 hours

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Today we will go for a ride on E-Bike, following the road on the west coast towards the outskirts of the lively metropolis. This part of Havana isn´t located in the classic tourist routes, for this reason it is so original and charming.

The route will allow us to be in direct contact with Cuban culture, as well as if we were immersed in the depths of their roots. We will start our adventure towards the western end of Havana in the morning, our guide will be waiting for us with the E-Bike ready for the tour, but before we start we will give a brief introduction of the operation of the bicycles, we will adjust the bike to your size, clarify about the state of the streets where we are going to circulate and inform about the Cuban transit rules.

The Kcho Studio in Romerillo will be our first destination, although we will visit places of great interest such as Botschaftsviertel, Palace of Conventions, Fusterlandia, Marina Hemingway, Santa Fe, Baracoa, Julio Restaurant and later on the way back we can make one last stop at the Hemingway Bar, to rest the fatigue of the buttocks and catch the last impulse to our final destination.