Havana cycling tour

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Havana is worth to liven from a bike and in this 4-hour long experience we´ll take you through some amazing landmarks of the capital with a staff well prepared whose goals is to make you feel special

4 hours

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Early in the morning, the pick up starts at accommodation here in Havana, from 8.15AM to 8.30AM depending on the place in Havana you´re staying in. After the transfer to Montehabana hotel, you´ll meet the specialist leading the tour and it´ll be time to check out on your bike and get the main instructions for the ride. At 9.30AM you´ll be pedaling down the streets to cover 20km that take you through the streets of Playa, Vedado, Centro Habana and the historical center in Old Havana where you´ll continue the tour by walking. 

What can you expect from this experience? Lots of sightseeing and amazing views such as the greenness of the Almendares Park!, the landscape from a watery rock at La Puntilla, the gigantic shadow of Jose Marti memorial at Revolution Square; but also, the interchange with our folk at a local paladar in Centro Habana and of course the vibrant life of Old Havana streets.