Levisa key overnight

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Levisa key will make you believe in heaven on earth due to its practically intact lands full of natural wonders. This island maintains an element of purity, with a lush vegetation stretching alongside its spectacular beaches of white sands and crystalline waters of an indescribable blue color. It also includes a night at  Cayo Levisa Hotel with 3* with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

24 hours

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Cayo Levisa is a cay in Pinar del Río Province and it´s only accessible by a sea ride on the boats departing from Palma Rubia, the white sand beaches on its north coast attract tourism. It has several snorkeling and diving sites. It is part of the Colorados Archipelago coral reef and well known for its black coral.

The experience begins on day one with an early pick up at accommodation in Havana to be transferred to Palma Rubia in Pinar del Rio cause at 10.00AM departs a bote that´ll take you to the key. At the arrival, you will immediately get astonished by the beauty of the key and given that this wonderful island maintains its purity, it only contains one hotel, where you will be staying at.

On day two manage your time the way you want, though we strongly recommend some diving sports. You’ll find heaven on earth in Levisa Key, it having many zones especially for normal and scuba diving. Here, you’ll come across vast coral formations, such as the famous Corona de San Carlos (Saint Charles’ Crown), giving you the opportunity to discover diverse species of marine life. 

At 5.00PM you will be returned to Palma Rubia to get the transfer back to Havana so you would be arriving at the capital around 8.00PM on the second day.