Open Studio: Santo Angel

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The neighborhood of Santo Ángel, located in the center of Old Havana, is rich in history and culture, it´s been the cradle of great personalities of the Cuban intellectuality. On this 4 hours tour, you will get to meet some of the most important artists of the zone. The project offers a visit to five artists' studios (the selected studies vary). During the tour, one of the specialists of the project goes into the history of the neighborhood, and simultaneously, the visitor can interact with some intellectualities of the Cuban intelligentsia.

4 hours

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If you had found yourself interested in Cuban painting and artistic studios life beyond the cold walls of a museum then you´ve picked up the best choice that starts with a pick up from 9.00AM at your accommodation in Havana in private service. The transfer time to Santo Angel neighborhood in Old Havana varies depending on the place you stay at.

Santo Angel neighborhood counts now with 20 studios but the promise of growing, even more, has made those visitors name it the Chelsea of New York or Montparnasse in Paris. That´s why the Open Studio project has grown strong under the concept of visualizing the artistic production of those artists that have their studios in this neighborhood and expose their work to the world as they are: the fine result of a modern reality that doesn´t lack quality. 

The warm welcome will be followed by an explanation about the historical-cultural wealth and a visit to five artists' studios that could vary depending on the availability of the local. Simultaneously, you will interact with some intellectualities of the Cuban plastic arts.

And at the end of the tour, the study presiding the day will say goodbye and thank you for being part of this experience with typical Cuban cocktail.