Regla: Afro-american religion and traditions.

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Find yourself surrounded by the mysticism of the Afro-Cuban religions on this tour that´ll take in a fantastic trip on a boat (la lanchita de Regla) to the other side of Havana bay to take you to the picturesque town that keeps its most religious secrets inside people´s day to day lives. Beyond sightseeing and typical guiding tours, this experience takes you to another whole level by giving you the chance to interchange with our neighbors and being under the directions of a prestigious historian of the city during the whole visit.

4 hours

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 We´ll start with the pick up at accommodation place in Havana in private service. In the heart of Old Havana, we are going to board the motorized boat that´ll sail us to the other side of the bay and it´s very well known by Cuban as la lanchita de Regla (Reglas´ little boat). The first thing you´ll find once you leave the dock behind is Nuestra Señora de Regla Sanctuary, National Monument closely related to the town’s origins. Before visiting the interiors of the church you´ll get the explanation about the growing and expansion process of the town, the presence of African slaves and their legacy through culture and religions, you will appreciate the artistic and architectonic values of the church, you’ll also get some of the best Havana bay views. After this we´ll visit the Monument to the “Abakua”, in honor to this Cuban Secret Society, only reachable for men, the historic expansion of this society has reached Havana and Matanzas only.

 There´s no way you miss a visit to Panchita Cárdenas Altar. A private house that offers a public space where there is a popular altar dedicated to the cult of the Virgin of Regla (also known as Yemayá)

 The tour continues visiting a small space where the results of the artistic and cultural actions of a group of plastic artists and artisans are developed and exhibited, called "Litorarte" and the monument to the Heroes, dedicated to all the fallen “Reglanos” in the stage of the insurrectional struggle against Fulgencio Batista dictatorship.  

 On the way through the veins of Regla, you´ll also visit Andres Clark Park known as the Women´s Park because of the statue in their honor and the birthplace of Eduardo Facciolo, a building from the early 19th. Right at the municipal museum you can delight the collections of history, plastic arts and religious ethnography. After visiting some other museums and galleries of Regla we finally get to the icing on the cake when we take you to Silvio´s house, prestigious priest of Ifa, with more years of initiation on the religion in this territory; in here you can observe his instruments of divination and exchange experiences with him or ask questions. At the end of the day, you´ll visit "Ángeles de María" Hostel, a private house built in 1927 with a terrace that has the best views of the bay to have cocktails and Cuban snacks. You´ll be transferred to accommodation in private service.