Canopy Tour in Maria Chiquita

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This adventure tour is made up of 9 different Canopy platforms. Visitors will ride the cables from platform to platform as they cruise through the course by sitting in a climbing harness similar to those of rock climbers and rescue teams.

6 hours

Starting at:




Very early in the morning we will pick you up at your hotel and depart to Maria Chiquita, about 2 hours away. Our guides will explain how to use Canopy equipment during this tour. 

Zip-lining is a fun and very simple activity that is great for all ages and types of people. The first cable of the adventure is one of the longer lines, but it is a very easy to ride and offers an excellent introduction to the jungle canopy for begginners. After this first cable, get ready for 8 more exciting cables that will make your adrenaline rush.