Complete / Partial Canal transit tour

Panama tour

The best way to experience the Panama Canal is in a cruise onboard the Pacific Queen. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the canal up close and to transit through the locks alongside the big ships. See the tugboats in operation and the Panama Canal expansion new set of locks!

6 hours

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The tour starts when passengers boarding the Pacific Queen Ship  are taken to the canal at the north end of the Gaillard Cut (also known as Culebra Cut because its curves resemble a snake). This is one of the main places of interest for visitors because it was manmade carved through the Continental Division. This section of the Canal is rich in history and geological value. The Pacific Queen will travel 13.7 kilometers to Pedro Miguel Locks. As you transit the Cut, you will be able to appreciate the continuous maintenance that this area demands, because it is constantly exposed to landslides. In this area you can also observe the work in progress of the Expansion of Panama Canal . Afterwards, the Pacific Queen will enter Pedro Miguel Locks, which is one of the two section of locks on the Pacific side. Here the vessel is lowered 9 meters in only one step. You will then enter Miraflores Lake, which is a small artificial reservoir of fresh water that separates Pedro Miguel from Miraflores Locks. This is the final set of locks before reaching the Pacific Ocean. At Miraflores Locks the vessel is lowered 18 meters.