Dive 2 Oceans in one day

Panama tour

As one of the few places in the world, Panama allows you to have a diving experience in  both oceans in a single day. 

9 hours

Starting at:




Depending on tides and weather conditions, you  will be diving first in the Atlantic Ocean with its clear waters, filled with coral reef, sandy bottom and small colorful fish. The second diving will be with schools of jacks, sting rays, moray eels and lobsters in the Pacific Ocean. We will pick you at 7:00 a.m.at your hotel in Panama City. Depending on sea conditions, you will travel either to the Pacific or the Caribbean for your first dive. Boat ride at the Pacific are 30 minutes and bus ride is 20 minutes. Boat rides at the Atlantic are 10 minutes long  and bus ride one hour and a half. You will be back at the hotel before 6:00 p.m.