Gamboa lake, aerial tram and ecological exhibition

Panama tour

Admire and learn about the Rainforest, but this time from a different perspective. 

8 hours

Starting at:




This peaceful and relaxing tour, takes you over the tree tops. A naturalist guide will help you to interpret some of the jungle´s most interesting facts. The tram rises 267 feet up to the observation tower. On the way , as you ride to the top of the hill, you will enjoy fabulous views of the Chagres River, the Embera indigenous community, and most of the Soberania National Park. 
Observe some of the most interesting creatures and plants of the Panamanian tropical forests. Our exhibition area of flora and fauna is composed of three exhibits that include: Butterfly Farm, Frog Garden and Orchid Nursery.
**After those tours, we have book for you a special buffet in restaurant Corotu, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Chagres River.