TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. All passengers must arrive bearing all reglamentary documents such as visas, vaccination certificates, medical insurance among other, according to each country ́s regulations. All Ways Travel will not be held responsible for the inconvenient resulting for the lack of the above mentioned documents.

LUGGAGE. The passengers shall be responsible for the luggage during programs, tours and stays included in the Contractual services. Tour operator is not responsible for that.

RESPONSIBILITY. All Ways Travel declares to be acting as intermediary between passengers and transportation companies, hotels and the rest of services providers. The company cannot accept any liability when an event is the result of Force Majeure. Force Majeure, including governmental decisions, will be understood to comprise any unforeseeable, extraordinary and inevitable event, such as labor disputes, fire, mobilization, insurrection, war, natural disasters, accidents which may occur before and/or during the travel. When passengers want to make claims to companies offering services (hotels, transportation, etc.) process should be done by written, prior to departure date from country where service was received, within 48 hours after the event. In this case, necessary documents (tickets, receipts, etc.) should be attached. All Ways Travel reserves the right to adjust, refuse or make changes, considered necessary, in the travels date, itinerary, transportation and service conditions, under circumstances out of control or at risk, in order to ensure passengers safety and well being and the success of the program. Air ticket used by the company, after being issued, will be the only contract between Airline and passenger, or the purchaser of program or package.
All Ways Travel, acting as intermediary between the traveller and the airline, will not be held responsible for inconveniences or expenses incurred due to cancellation or delay in flights.

MISCELLANEOUS. All offers and packages shown are subject to availability and some restrictions may be introduced. Arrival and departure date and rates might not be available at the time of reservation. Prices of packages and programs include only listed activities and are subject to changes without a prior notice. All Ways Travel reviews carefully all information shown, however All Ways Travel is not responsible for any errors or omissions of prices or content.The details offered including images are aimed to afford information.